Election night - tweeting out news of our victory!

THANK YOU FOR ELECTING ME, ROME!! (updating site soon)

WD1Thanks for taking the time to visit my Rome city commission campaign site.  With this effort I am hoping to inspire more citizen participation.  Meaningful conversations among folks who care about our community – that’s what I am seeking.  Please have a look around and then share your thoughts and concerns with me. What are your ideas for the bold steps we need to take to build a stronger Rome?

My ancestors first came to Rome in the 1850’s, and we have a rich heritage of service to the community.  I know and value our city’s history. I also know that we cannot afford to live in the past. Our forefathers had the vision to build today’s Rome, and it is our responsibility to build tomorrow’s Rome.

What does that mean? It means incorporating our history into a modernized city that draws people from all around for its unique charm. When they get here, they feel welcomed and appreciated, and they come back – or stay.  It means seeking additional public-private partnerships that reinvigorate businesses and bring jobs. It means developing innovative ideas for infrastructure and city services – thinking big so we are prepared for our future success!

Building tomorrow’s Rome means taking care of the people who live, work and play here. And most of all, it means thinking about the future, so that we build a community where your children and their children will want to raise their families.

How do we do that? We begin by connecting people with convenient advancements in technology, holding town halls in every neighborhood so that your voice can be heard, and by working together as a community to build the kind of momentum that brought us State Mutual Stadium, home of our Rome Braves.

I am proud to have been a leader on the team that brought our Braves to Rome. I am proud to call myself a Roman, and I will be proud to serve as your city commissioner, continuing to work tirelessly to make Rome the place that we, and future generations, proudly call home.

Please follow me on the campaign trail , . I really want to hear from you and your neighbors, so please share your ideas and opinions. 

Thank you again for your interest in the city election and helping to build a vibrant community.  If you share my vision for a bold future for Rome, please give me your support and your vote in November 5th election!

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